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What is a Registered Agent?

If you’re looking for a registered agent, the odds are you’ve looked at a few registered agent websites. Maybe you’ve read the Wikipedia page written by the big registered agent companies, and continually edited by the big registered agents to promote themselves.

We all do the same thing, but ultimately it comes down to who you feel the most comfortable with. At Northwest, we’ll be your actual registered agent in every State you need us for. All the forms, even if they need our signature on them are available immediately after you sign up for agent service.

We are the ONLY national registered agent that uploads ALL documents received locally in each State immediately into your online account.

We also don’t charge service of process forwarding fees that you can’t opt out of, and we upload the law suit into your online account immediately as your registered agent. We charge $125.00 a year flat fee. That’s it.


Why choose us as your registered agent

We guarantee we provide more services and quicker registered agent service for no additional fees than any other registered agent you’ll find.

We guarantee we will never sell you anything. We don’t make our money by up-selling something or tacking on little fees for things. We don’t raise our rates from year to year. Most items that our competition will try to up-sell are just included in what we do.

Why you should choose us….


We don’t have any goofy terms or levels of service. Everything is immediate. When you sign up for registered agent service, you get all the forms and filing instructions you need immediately. The forms have our information already on them for your use. When you get a notification at our local agent address, the service of process or legal document is uploaded into your account immediately, locally. We don’t forward items to a national hub and then upload them days later like our competition. If you have a problem, call our office and get the owner on the phone immediately. We try to be the fastest registered agent you can find.

We can help you immediately establish your online business presence, too. We offer our clients their own website domain that includes a business email address and SSL service for website security. You’ll also get a direct business line on a phone number that you can use on your own device by going online or using our iOS or Android apps. And the best part? All of this is included at no upfront cost.

Want to know more?

Why do I need a registered agent?

You need a registered agent for an LLC, corporation, or other entity when you make a filing with the State.

You may also need a registered agent for a department of licensing. It’s just a legal requirement so the State or public has a way to legally notify you.

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