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Based in Tampa, Florida, we provide registered agent services in all 50 States for one flat fee of $125.00 per year per State. If you have multiple States you get a discount.

We’ve been doing registered agent service for a long time, but didn’t really embrace the web until 4-5 years ago. It’s amazing how times have changed from having to have offices blocks away from the Corporations Divisions, overnighting original signatures, and everything revolving around a fax machine you had to hope you kept a good eye on.

Along with the change in times, we have consistently lowered our prices. We used to charge a flat rate of 250.00 a year. When other companies are raising their rates, the internet has made our business more efficient, and we don’t have to charge as much. We have gradually lowered our prices down to 125.00 a year. Don’t hear that every day right? We have been consistently lowering our prices!

Florida has long been a hotbed of corporate filings. We have no income tax and great asset protection laws. The Florida corporate veil remains reasonably strong if you aren’t a complete scam. Recently we’ve had some cases go against the asset protection beliefs of the past for Florida LLCs, but the cases were extravagant abuses of fraud.
Florida remains alive and well and you should think about moving and retiring here!