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Why choose us as your registered agent?

We guarantee we provide more services and quicker registered agent service for no additional fees than any other registered agent you’ll find.

We guarantee we will never sell you anything. We don’t make our money by up-selling something or tacking on little fees onto things. We don’t raise our rates from year to year. Most items that our competition will try to up-sell are just included in what we do.

We provide immediate scanned documents of ALL items we receive locally into your online account. We do this locally. We are the only registered agent that scans everything into your online account locally without forwarding it to a national mail hub first. Making us the fastest registered agent service.

We don’t charge additional fees for forwarding items. Our competition charges $12.50, $25.00, $30.00, or a complicated formula that roughly comes to $20 something after 2 items are received and forwarded your way. Even with charging you extra you will wait a few days to get them, or you’ll just get an email. We upload them into your account immediately and don’t charge extra to do so, and don’t have a “Special plan” to do so.

You could get served in 50 States on one morning, and you would have the full scans of all 50 law suits in your online account all that morning. You wouldn’t pay anything extra and you wouldn’t have to wait a day or two to get all the paper documents.

In your online account we track your report dates, all documents, forms and filing instructions, State agency resources, online bill pay, calendar, your local agent info is always in your account in case you forget it, and you can always add another State or company at anytime in your account.

We send you reminders to file your annual reports, and you can always manage them in your online account as well.

We are by far the smallest of 5 national registered agents. If you’re looking for a big registered agent company, we would suggest calling our competitors. Frankly we’re not even close… We take care of tens of thousands of clients, but our competition has hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of clients. Some people want the biggest, some people like a smaller, more nimble company. We pay taxes in every State and it would literally be harder to actually close our business than sell it or keep it going. We’re not going anywhere, and would love to have you as a client.